People could be discussing a different topic all together and for me I am dropping my “kalango” for Meroz honey lol

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I landed a job with my dream employer, one of the major players in the professional services provision, global wise. Excited, I started climbing my career ladder. At first I tried to juggle both work and side hustle but things did not work out well, as my new job was very demanding. I lost balance and my side hustle suffered the loss. I carried on but somehow lost most of my customers since they are used to me following up and now I had no time to follow up.

I never spend that much for what I buy

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I almost always catch a sale or find a discount. If it aint on a deal, I’m not trying to spend my coins on it! I thought this was pretty common knowledge, but I was sharing some of my tricks to getting a deal and well, not as common knowledge as I thought. Keep reading if you want to save those coins, but get what you want!!

After reading, “The Rhetorical Power of Popular Culture: Considering Mediated Texts” by Deanna D. Sellnow, my eyes have been opened to the vast extent of how much control the media has over our society as a whole

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In order to follow through with this theory, an individual must 1) be paying attention to what they see, 2) remember what they have seen, 3) able to replicate that person’s actions or behaviors, and 4) motivated to imitate whatever they have observed.

Call Recording (SIPRec) as a service helps you to modernize your recording service and simplify it by a shift to the cloud

Call Recording as a function helps you to modernize your recording service and simplify it by a shift to the cloud.

Our ready to use function allows you to streamline your development process and get the building blocks you need to create a state-of-the-art solution in short time.

What happens when you type a URL (web address) in the browser and press enter?

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If you are in any technical profession, I am sure someone at some point has asked you this question. Whether you are an engineer, developer, marketer, or even in sales, it is always good to have a basic understanding of what is going on behind our browsers and how information is transferred to our computers via the Internet.