I never spend that much for what I buy

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I almost always catch a sale or find a discount. If it aint on a deal, I’m not trying to spend my coins on it! I thought this was pretty common knowledge, but I was sharing some of my tricks to getting a deal and well, not as common knowledge as I thought. Keep reading if you want to save those coins, but get what you want!!


Some Safety Measures to Follow Before Hiring a Taxi

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Whenever you hire a taxi for personal traveling or a for local transportation, you need to be vigilant about your personal safety, as you are dealing with unknown person, who is not close to your heart and depth in knowledge too. However, it is recommended not to rely totally on the taxi drivers or else till you make some verification about the taxi service agency from which you have hired or get convinced about driver’s skills to drive taxi properly. You need to be pretty smart to make selection of a right taxi service and hire driver, who has genuine license, knowledge of best hotels to stay, customs, restaurants, local streets and highways in the city and has good driving skills too. Thus, there are so many things that you need to keep in mind before hiring a taxi for personal traveling or local traveling needs.

Here are some tips…

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How to Scan Your Airbnb for Hidden Cameras

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It’s not as technically difficult as it might sound.

Over the weekend, news outletsreportedthat a New Zealand man named Andrew Barker had found a camera, hidden in a smoke detector, in his Airbnb that was livestreaming a feed of the living room. Barker was in Cork, Ireland, on a 14-month trip around Europe with his family when they checked into the rental house. Once they unpacked, Barker, who works in IT security, conducted a scan of the Wi-Fi network and found a camera the owner had not mentioned. He was then able to connect to the camera and view the live feed.

The next day, the Barkers notified Airbnb, but he told the media that the company treated the incident like a canceled booking and just temporarily suspended the rooming post after a privacy investigation that the family found unsatisfactory. It wasn’t until Nealie Barker, Andrew’s wife, posted…

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Record Cell Phone Calls: Android App “BlurSPY”

Melissa is a Digital parenting coach. She loves to guide non-tech savvy parents to use the latest technology to channelize their teens and children. Mostly she covers phone spy app reviews and some digital mom’s related stuff about the dangers our children face every day on the internet! Her work turns around the most recent in Android spy app like BlurSPY