I stopped volunteering after 7 months because I was offered paid employment

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It’s hard work and because it’s such a small team everyone has to pull their weight and get involved in everything


Recycling Bikes in Newcastle: a local and international mission.

The NE6

Clearing out your garage or garden shed is a task no one really wants to take on but, like your tax return, it’s an annual chore that has got to be done. And then what do you do with all the old broken stuff that’s covered in dust? If it’s an old, unused, broken bike there are more options than chucking it in the scrap heap. In Newcastle sorting things into your red, green, and blue bins isn’t the only kind of recycling that benefits the environment. Recycling an old bike could give someone else far more benefits than just being able to get from A to B. 

Bikes Up To The Ceilings

The local mission: Recyke y’Bike

Recyke y’Bike are a well established organisation in Newcastle’s East End. They have repaired and rejuvenated over 26,000 bikes, breathing new life into old things. They take old bike donations from the…

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